The Need of BitDefender Antivirus Removal Tool

The art and science of virus removal is very complex. The security software have to integrate themselves with the operating system and the applications running on your computer in a complex manner and often their files are shared by other programs as well.

This means that when you try to uninstall or remove an already installed antivirus or Internet Security software from your computer from the standard procedures like Add / Remove Programs feature of Windows Control Panel, there are fair chances that the software does not get correctly uninstalled and there are some files, folders and registry entries, which might affect the performance of your computer.

Hence, you might need a specialized tool for the removal of complex software like BitDefender Antivirus or Internet Security.

BitDefender Uninstall Tool

Thankfully, most of the security software vendors understand this situation and provide a special tool for the removal of their security software, just in case a customer wants a change or remove their software from his computer.

bitdefender uninstall tool

BitDefender Unistallation tool can be downloaded from their website directly. It is a freeware and can be used for both 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems.

[BitDefender Unistall Tool Download Link]