software-update2Why Software Updates are Important?

Regular updating your software to the latest version is one of the important aspect of your overall PC Security plan. Nothing is perfect in this world, and software is no exception.

Every software has some inherent bugs, which are discovered after continued use by the users and developers. Even if a software looks like a perfect code, hackers and malware artists are always on the look out of finding holes and vulnerabilities in it and exploit them.

How Software Updates Take Place?

As soon as security vulnerabilities are discovered in a software, good vendors try to plug these holes by updating their software and releasing the software updates, which can be downloaded and installed by the users at their end.

Some of software are designed to constantly search for the latest updates available and give you an indication whenever you need to upgrade your software. But some of them are not designed to do so.

How to Check for the Software Updates?

There are some specialized software, which maintain a list of all the programs and applications installed on your computer and their current versions. They constantly scan the vendor sites whether any new software update is available. As soon as any newer version is made available by the vendor, these software notify you for the availability of the update and you can take appropriate action for the download and installation of the software update onto your system.

KC Software’s Software Update Monitor – A Useful Free Software Update Notifier

KC Softwares’ Software Update Monitor (SUMo) is a useful Software Update Notifier, which does the job just perfectly for you. It has been noted as faster than many other software notifiers like Secunia. If you do just a normal scan, then it scans your Start Menu and notifies you accordingly. But if you prefer a complete scan, then it goes down to your Program Files folder and notifies you for all the entries available their.

software-update-notifierHowever, in its report, it does not give you the direct link to the download page of the available update, but it takes you to a webpage, which generally indicates the different versions of the software and also displays the number of users using that version.

A nice feature of this useful Software Update Notifier is that it allows you to add and remove applications from its list by simply dragging and dropping.

Features of KC Software’s Software Update Monitor

  • Automatic detection of installed software
  • Detects required updates / patches for your software
  • Filter / authorize Beta versions (user setting)
  • Ignore list : only tracks software YOU want to track
  • Internationalization support.

Important Warning

There is one important issue with SUMo (KC SOftware Update Monitor). You should only use their lite version, because there are some reported issue with the full version as reported here.

Download SUMo