usb drive encryptionUSB Flash Drives have literally put the convenience on the pocket of an average computer user. With the ever increasing capacity to store data and applications, USB Drives are becoming the instant hit today.

But the convenience comes at a price and often it is in the form of comprise to the security. There is always a trade off between convenience and security.

Countless number of USB drives are stolen or misplaced every day. Not only the data and the USB itself, but the privacy of the USB drive owner is at stake in such a case. You never know, when that convenient piece of data get slipped out of your pocket or is stolen by somebody, and that important data lands in the hands of a wrong person.

USB Flash Security – Download this USB Data Security Software

USB Flash Security, as the name implies is a useful USB data security and encryption tool, which allows you to encrypt your data stored on the USB with just a few clicks. It utilizes a different technique from some of the common USB Data Encryption tools like Rohos Mini Drive to create an encrypted partition, this tool encrypts almost entire space on your USB drive. Only a small section is left, where the decryption information is stored.

usb flash security

This means that if somebody wants to format the USB drive, it will not be possible because the space available without decryption is th eonly part, which is available before the encryption password is entered into the system.

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