Internet Browsers – The Weakest Link of Your Security

internet browser securityInternet Browsers are the gateway of the modern day computers to the outside world. They allow you to interact with other computers, network and the web, in general. While Browsers link you to the information superhighway, they also provide a link for malware artists, hackers and virus scripts to get entry to your computer.

Specially, if your browsers are not updated, they may pose a serious threat to your PC security.

Browser Security Settings – Your Option to Play safe

Browser developers know the vulnerability of browsers and they develop their product accordingly. Modern day browsers have a lot of security features, some are permanent in nature, while others are optional. They allow you to customize your security settings based upon the requirements of individual users.

Many of these browser security settings restrict the user experience. They restrict the access to suspicious sites, they block the sites to run scripts, they block the flash and other ricj media contents and sometimes they restrict the serving of advertisements and javascript codes to your browsers. Overall, as you tighten the security of your browser, the internet experience served by your browser go on getting boring.

You can very well imagine the difference between a text heavy page and a rich-media contained web page.

What this means is that ensuring security and enjoying great surfing experience are sometimes contradicting each other. You get one at the cost of the other.

So, what is the solution?

Use Multiple Browsers to Ensure Internet Security

multiple browser for internet securityThe answer lies in using multiple internet browsers.

Today we are having lots of great browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari etc. to name just a few. Every web browser claims to be the best and they are really some great piece of software. While Firefox is unbeatable when it comes to flexibility and customization, Internet Explorer has the distinct advantage of being the default web browser of Windows. Google Chrome is well regarded for its unmatchable brute speed, while Opera is known for innovating ideas.

So, if so many choices for web browsers are available, why you should stick for only one. Why not choose a few of them, and use them for different purposes.

For instance, I use Google Chrome for most of my casual browsing, just roaming around here and there, testing new stuff. I use Chrome for it, because at this time I want to quickly browser through the new websites. Chrome is really fast when serving new sites, which have not been visited by you earlier. This is the time, when my computer is most vulnerable.

I use Firefox for the serious stuff related to my blogging. Blogging requires me to have lot of flexibility in my web browser and Firefox is just ideal for that.

And I use Internet Explorer 8, as the browser for accessing my Finance related websites and banks. I use IE, with very tighten security, as I do not need a very rich and entertaining experience, while using my banks’ websites. Security is the prime concern in my mind at that time. And as soon as I am finished with the task, I close IE8, and open the other browser, as per the task I have to do.

And, I feel secured at times with this policy of using multiple internet browsers for ensuring Internet security.