Today’s Virus and Malware are an intelligent lot. The first thing they do after infecting a system is to mingle themselves with the system files and deactivate the security software and suites installed on the machine so as to let them remain hidden.

Many times, due to these actions, the system may become un-bootable and can no longer be used. In such a case it becomes almost impossible to retrieve the important data stored in it. There may be other situations also when the system has become unbootable and your first priority is to retrieve the data instead of cleaning and curing the sytem.

In such a case, a virus checker bood CD is what you need.

Paragon Rescue Kit – A Rescue Boot CD for Virus Checking also

Paragon Rescue Kit professionally fixes boot problems as well as retrieves your data when your system fails to boot. It even rescues deleted partitions. All, you need to do to achieve complete control over any situation is burn the software on your CD/DVD.

In case of a system malfunction, caused either by a virus attack or file corruption, you can retrieve valuable information from your disks and copy it to another local drive, partition or save the data to CD/DVD. The File Transfer Wizard helps you to export data as easy and convenient as possible.

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