Virus Removal from an already infected computer is a complex process. Today’s malware and viruses are intelligent enough and they take control of your entire system during the boot phase so as to hide themselves. It is best to attempt for the virus removal from your system, when these malware are lying in dormant condition.

Booting your infected computer with the help of a bootable virus cleaner CD Disk is often the only option when your computer has been crippled by virus activities to such an extent that you are not in a position even to bootup.

Even if you are able to boot up and use your computer, it is sometimes advisable to do a fresh boot from an external device like a CD or Pen Drive and run the anitivirus stored on it to clean your computer.

There are many security software vendors, who provide you free downloadable files, which can be used to prepare bootable anitivurs CDs for virus removal from an infected computer. VBA32 is a one such vendor, which is based in Belarus, and little known in English speaking users.

malware remover from vba32

The VBA32 Rescue Disk contains a lighter version of Linux operating system, which allows it to boot on its own and run your computer during the virus scanning and cleaning process. It is in the form of an ISO image file (70 MB) available for downloading from their ftp-server. It includes release version of Console Scanner for Linux (Vba32.L), bash (command shell), MC (file manager) and user interface.

Vba32 Rescue supports auto-mounting including removable devices. NTFS state is checked during mounting and additional confirmation dialog is invoked provided 1. The partition was unmounted incorrectly and 2. The partition contains system memory image (hibernate).

It is a light-weight utility and supports FAT and NTFS systems.

[Download VBA Rescue v3.12]