IP Traffic Spy is a freeware appforlication, which allows you to monitor the TCP/IP traffic passing through your network adapter on the Internet. It per

With this, you can easily watch the data that is being passed back and forth from your computer and other computers on the internet or network. This is accomplished by reading the raw TCP/IP packets that are processed by your network adapter and displaying them in a user friendly fashion.

Monitoring of your network traffic can have multiple uses. For instance, it will tell you exactly what data is being transferred to and fro from your own computer, thus letting you know if there are any unknown and unwanted connections. This may let you discover some hidden spyware, keylogger or other backdoor infection, which may have been compromising your PC Security.

watch monitor network traffic

Or, if you are a network administrator, you can watch the traffic being transferred from the other computers in the network. This will help you to identify the security threats posed by vulnerabilities present in other computers. Further it may allow you to exercise greater control over what should be accessible to the other computers in the network.

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