weak passwordsPasswords are keys to your online security and privacy. Maintaining the secrecy of your passwords is the most important task to ensure your Online and PC Security.

However, it is fact that despite it most of the computer users do not give adequate thoughts over this issue and tend to continue using weak passwords in their daily use. Sometimes to avoid the hassles of remembering complex passwords, sometimes to be at ease by using same passwords at all sites and sometimes just because of shear ignorance of the risks of using weak passwords, people continue to use their weak passwords and let them become victim of identity theft.

Remember, there are sophisticated tools available, which can use the tricks like dictionary attacks and brute force attacks to crack your weak passwords within seconds.

Here we present you some of common mistakes people make while choosing their passwords.

Typical Characteristics of Weak Passwords

  1. Use of Dictionary Words: One of the first trick used by many Password cracking software is to try every possible combination in a list of most popular words. IT is called a dictionary file. You can avoid your passwords getting cracked by dictionary attacks if you avoid using passwords, which do not contain any dictionary word, English or foreign.
  2. A password containing your personal details: It is common practice to use personal details like Names of family, pets, friends, co-workers, fantasy characters, computer terms and names, commands, sites, companies, hardware, software, birthdays and other personal information such as addresses and phone numbers in your passwords. But remember, it is very easy for a determined hacker to know these details. There are lots of services like ZabaSearch, which quickly tell a lot details about a person, which can be used for cracking your weak passwords.
  3. Word or number patterns like aaabbb, qwerty, zyxwvuts, 123321: It is a common tendency for people to use adjacent keys and pattens to frame the passwords. Remember, this trick is known to the passwords cracking software a long back. And they try every such combination to crack your password.

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