Westell Default Passwords: Login Username for Modems / Routers

For the configuration of settings of broadband routers and modems, most of the manufacturers allow end users to access the admin panel through the use of a private IP address like The router is to be connected to the computer and it can be accessed through a web browser running on it.

Manufacturers use a default username and password, which is set in the firmware of the router. In case the user forgets his password, he can use a hardware reset button, usually provided on the body of the device. This restores back all the settings to the factory default alongwith the username and password.

Westell Default Passwords

Westell is a well-known brand in the home and office networking equipment marketplace. Westell’s primary business is the production and sale of DSL modems for the home and small office. More advanced models offer additional features and can act as an Ethernet switch and wireless access point. Rather than selling through retail channels, Westell typically sells its products to telephone companies, who in turn supply modems to new subscribers.

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Westell makes a series of broadband routers and modems. Here is a list of some of the common devices manufactures by them alongwith their default username and passwords. Use the list as per your requirements.

Vendor Model Protocol Username Password
WESTELL 2200 MULTI admin password


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Router Passwords

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