Windows 7 Aero Enable

Aero Effect in Windows 7 is one of the most popular features, which make it stylish and fun to use. But it is a fact that Aero effects cause a lot of system resources. Sometimes the hardware of your system is not capable of supporting the Aero effect and might cause considerable system slow down. In such a case, it might be a good idea to turn off the Aero Effect to optimize the system performance.

However, if you feel that your system can support the Windows 7 Aero feature, then you can consider Windows 7 Aero Enable.


Follow these steps for enabling Aero effect.

  1. Go to Control Panel – System and Security – System
  2. Click on advanced system settings on the left and then performance settings.
  3. Under the visual effects tab you should see that the option Let windows choose what’s best for my computer is by default checked.
  4. Below this you should see a list of visual effects, some of which will be unchecked if you are not experiencing the full range of Aero features.
  5. Select the custom option and then select all the effects from the list below it. Click apply and OK and you should have all the Aero effects enabled.

Here is a small Youtube video, which explains the Windows 7 Aero Enable.

Video: Windows 7 Aero Enable Video

Windows 7 Aero Enable – This post describes how you can enable the Aero feature in Windows 7.