What is Windows Risk Minimizer

Windows Risk Minimizer is the latest entry in the realm of Rogue Security software. It is a scareware, which gains entry to your system by exploiting some vulnerability in your system and then takes control of your system.

Windows Risk Minimizer is also being promoted heavily through spam email campaigns, which is slightly unusual. As soon as you go their site by clicking on the link, you greeted with a JavaScript alert message, whereby the fake antivirus (referred to here as “Windows Secure Kit 2012”) claims that your machine is infected.

As soon as you acknowledge the window, a fake scan is carried out of your system and in no time, Windows Risk Minimizer will intimate you that your system in infected with lots of virus and malware infections. This scan is nothing but an animated image, which pretends as if it is scanning your system.

Windows Risk Minimizer then offers you do download a software to clean you system. This software, if downloaded, will take control of your system and make changes to your important system files. It will prompt you regularly to buy the licensed version of the software to clean your system. The constant pop-ups are so irritating that you will not be able to do any meaningful task on your system and ultimately fall in its trap to make the payment.

windows risk minimizer

Beware, please do not fall in its trap. If you notice any such thing on your computer, then the best bet is to clean your system with the help of some trusted security software and remove Windows Risk Minimizer completely.