What is WindowsManagerProtect

WindowsManagerProtect is one of the latest rogueware application, which is causing a lot of damage to the computer users around the world. Windows Manager Protect is a serious threat to your computer’s security and has a potential to totally disrupt the performance level of your machine and cause lot of headache.

Remoce WindowsManagerProtect

It can cause a backdoor into the security of your computer and make it vulnerable for attacks by malware bots. With the help of these backdoors, hackers can take control of your machine and demand ransom for the release of its control. You should be aware that fake security software like it are run by a systematic army of malware experts and it is often difficult to get rid of such programs easily.

How does WindowsManagerProtect infect your computer

Rogue security software like WindowsManagerProtect  usually find a place in your computer memory through an accidental click on a bad URL. Or sometimes they also get installed on your machine through some fake security scan. Anyone having access to your machine might have clicked or downloaded a program from an unsecured or untrusted location.

How to Remove WindowsManagerProtect

Let me be clear that it is fairly difficult to get rid of it. You may find a lot of website on Internet all telling you different ways  to get rid of it. Just try a Google search for “Remove WindowsManagerProtect “. But most of these websites do nothing but to sell some crap or bogus piece of security software / antivirus to you. They all will just give you some steps like tweaking your registry entries, which will look fairly complex for an average computer user. But do not attempt to go that all. Even if you are able to do that tweaking, let me tell you that they are not going to help you in any manner to get rid of a deadly infection like WindowsManagerProtect .

Most of the websites, which claim to help you in getting rid of WindowsManagerProtect , actually make the manual recovery process look extremely complex to scare an average computer user. After scaring the victim, they just offer an automatic cleaning method, which tells the user to download an antivirus. You have to pay a handsome amount for activating its license and a decent commission (often of the range of 50% or so) goes into the pockets of these websites. But when you download and start using these antivirus software, you will find that you actually are duped and this crap piece of software is in no position to clean your computer from the WindowsManagerProtect infection.

So, be warned and beware of spending yoru hard earned money on such crap piece of software on the advice of these websites.