Twitter, the microblogging platform has taken the online world by storm. It is one of the most popular Web 2.0 service, and the two important reason behind its popularity are simplicity of use and mobility provided by the use of Mobile Phones.

Twitter Risks Analysis

twitter risk analysisThe level of its popularity it has been able to gain has not only attracted genuine users towards it, but has also drawn hordes of scamsters, frauds and malware developers towards it. The fact that Twitter uses URL shortening services to shorten the URL before making them click-able on Internet, makes their job easy. They disguise their malware distributing links with URL shortening services, and the poor victim doesn’t has a clue, where that link can lead him to.

Organized groups are hacking the user accounts to steal their usernames and passwords and harvesting their followers lists. A quick update from a person to whom you are following, pointing to an interesting link hidden within a URL shortening service, is sure bound to raise your interest. But remember a click on the link can lead you to a series of troubles.

This is one part of the story.

But sometimes, twitter users themselves land themselves into trouble just because of their careless attitude. While using any online service, you should keep in mind that every word uttered by you, has great significance. You never know how it can be used or mis-used to your disadvantage. Remember, as soon as you click on the button Go, your words are in the public domain, and it is no longer your own property.

There have been endless stories on Internet about users sharing their personal email addresses on twitter and getting them in trouble.

Remember, Do not share your private email addresses on Twitter under no circumstances. And if you are thinking that you can use that Delete button to remove your twitter update, think twice. Even if you delete yout twitter update, which contains your private email address, this update is easily recoverable with the help of advanced feature on You have even a dedicated service [] for searching the deleted twitter updates for any user.

Be rational, and think twice before sharing any personal information on the Internet.

Remember it isa complete jungle out there.