Zeus is the name of the infamous botnet, which has been the culprit behind thousands of cases of privacy breaches and internet frauds. We have earlier carried a story on Zeus Virus and noted, how most of the popular PC Security applications are simple incapable of providing security from Zeus.

Zeus2 – The Version 2 of Zeus

zeus2 virus malware botnetRecently, Trusteer, the noted provider of secured browsing services, has uncovered that Zeus2, the version 2 of the same botnet, has been spreading fast its wings and has already taken more than 100,000 machines under its control. The command and control is operated from some part in Easter Europe.

It has been reported that the criminals have been harvesting all manner of potentially lucrative and revenue-producing credentials – including online account IDs plus login information to banks, credit and debit card numbers, account types plus balances, bank statements, browser cookies, client side certificates, login information for email accounts and social networks and even FTP passwords.

And the worst part of the story is that it is understood that Zeus2 is all the way more difficult to detect and avoid the infections from this botnet by using regular security software and applications.

“Zeus has become one of the most prevalent botnet trojans in the history of online fraud. Fighting financial malware requires banks to have accurate intelligence and strong fraud detection and mitigation capabilities, and work with their customers. Internet users need to follow their bank’s instructions and when asked download online banking security software which is specifically tuned to detect and resist specific threats that the bank identifies such as Zeus. Banks need to continue implementing multiple layers to detect, resist, and de-activate malware attacks and tightly integrate these layers together.”

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