The use of Online Data Storage and Backup Services is growing by each passing day. More and more people are opting to use virtual data storage service to safeguard their data. And the trend is continuing to grow with the increasing availability of cheap bandwidth.

Why People Use Online Data Storage Services

Although the costs of offline data storage locally in your computer is also decreasing day-by-day, but people are opting for remote data storage, and their are some valid reasons for that. Here we list some of them.

Data Portability: With your data available in Internet, you can access it from anywhere. You just have to hook yourself to the Internet, and your data is at your fingertips.

Data Security: With the availability of sophisticated encryption techniques and secured data transfer, you can be absolutely sure about the reliability and security of your data and files stored online.

Data Protection: If you choose to store and backup your data locally through traditional data back techniques, that will always be susceptible to natural calamities, theft and things like that. You never know, when the CDs and Disks used for the data storage get corrupted and scratched. You never know when your hard disk used for data storage gets its boot sector infected with the virus and all your data is inaccessible.

There are lots of good secure online data storage services available at some very reasonable prices to choose from.

Zumo Drive – The Online Data Backup and Synchronizing Service

zzumo driveZumo Drive is a hybrid storage service for the purpose of sharing media files across a range of systems, giving access to all your photos, music and video files from anywhere. The basic purpose is not only to provide a reliable online memory storage service but also to let the user synchronize his devices, be it computer, laptop, mobile or any other thing, with the files stored on the Zumo Drive.

ZumoDrive uses its patent-pending Hybrid Cloud technology to deliver unlimited storage on any computer or smartphone. It performs like a local drive, but with unlimited storage. With ZumoDrive you get access to your entire media collections. You also get access to all of your content even when you are offline. In addition, ZumoDrive provides online backup, sharing and web access.

At present ZumoDrive has a free plan that gives you 1GB, and plans for 10GB-500GB starting at $2.99/mo.

Here is a nice YouTube video, which explains this useful secure online data storage and backup utility in nice manner.

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