What is password192.168.2.1 is the default IP Address set on many of the routers used in the computer networks. It is factory made and used by many of the manufacturers of these routers. The computer users can use this IP address to access the settings of their router. They simply have to connect the router to their network, open their favorite web browser and point the URL to in the address bar.

Forgot password? Here is the Default Password List

Since people do not have to configure their routers on daily basis, many times they forget the passwords. In case you have not changed the password, then you can try to open the settings page of your router by trying the default usename password combination.

Many times it does the trick. We have already published a post on this blog, where we have published the default passwords for a lot of routers. Have a look at that list and see if you are able to find your password in the list.