Broadband Routers, Modems and networking devices are generally provided a user interface, accessible through a computer attached to the device, to alter and adjust various settings. Many of such networking devices allow users to access their settings page through privte IP…something like, which the user has to enter in the browser address bar.

For security purpose, a factory default username and password combination is set in the firmware of the device, which can be changed by the user as per his needs.

In case you are searching for the default usernames and passwords for some of the most popular networking models of Allied Telesis (Telesyn), then here we present you the same for your convenience.

Regarding Allied Telesis (Telesyn) – The Company

Allied Telesis is a telecommunications company, formerly Allied Telesyn. Headquartered in Japan, their North American headquarters are in San Jose, California. Founded in 1987, the company is a global provider of secure Ethernet & IP access solutions and an industry leader in the deployment of IP triple play networks over copper and fiber access infrastructure.

According to a Dell Oro Group report, Allied Telesis ranked 4th in the world for shipments of fast Ethernet ports in Q4 2005.

Product Version Port / Protocol Username Default Password
ALAT8326GB Multi manager manager
All Routers Manager Friend
All All Telnet manager friend
Allied Telesyn AR410 Administrator admin
AT Router HTTP root (none)
AT8000S/24 v1.1.0.32 serial console manager friend
AT8016F Console manager friend
AT-8024(GB) Console n/a admin
AT-8024(GB) HTTP manager admin
AT-8550GB Telnet manager friend
AT-AR130 (U) -10 HTTP Manager friend
AT-AR750S manager friend
at-img634w a+ multi manager friend
AT-RG613LH 2-3_59 Telnet manager friend
Generic Switch/Router Multi manager friend
R130 Manager friend
Rapier G6 Switch manager friend
Switch AT-8124XL 1.0.3 Multi admin (none)
Various Multi manager friend
Various Multi secoff secoff
windows xp AR410 admin admin