In this section of our blog, we are trying to help the visitors to fix some of the common system errors encountered while using the Windows Operating System.

Error 1603: A Fatal Error Occurred During Installation

Your Windows system may display Error 1603 when you are trying to install a Microsoft Windows Installer Package. There are mainly three conditions when Error 1603 can occur, which are as mentioned below.

  • First is that the folder, in which you are trying to install the Windows Installer Package is encrypted and the installer is not in a position to access. This is one of the causes of Error 1603.
  • The second possibility is that the drive, on which this folder is located, is accessible as a substitute drive.
  • And the last possibility is that the system is not having full control to the system that you are trying to install the Windows Installer Package.

How to Fix Error 1603

You may follow the steps given in the Knowledgebase document given on the Microsoft website here at this link.