About AVG Technologies

remove avg security antivirusAVG Technologies provides a number of products from the AVG range, suitable for Windows 2000 onwards. In addition to this, AVG Technologies also provides Linux, FreeBSD, and most recently Mac OS X versions of the software. AVG Anti-Virus 9.0 is available in free and commercial editions. AVG 9.0 has identity theft protection through a partnership with Intersections Inc,.

AVG 9.0 also adds white listing, behavioral protection and cloud operations to their signature-based blocking. The software adds the Resident Shield, firewall, and identity protection modules.

The LinkScanner component has been improved to cut phishing threats further.

For desktop protection of PCs running Windows, the AVG solutions include:

  • AVG Internet Security is a full suite which brings together the AVG Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, LinkScanner, Anti-Rootkit, Web Shield, Security Toolbar, Firewall, Anti-Spam, Identity Protection and System Tools protection components.
  • AVG Identity Protection provides protection against identity theft and unknown malware threats using behavioral monitoring.
  • AVG Anti-Virus plus Firewall provides the Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, LinkScanner, Anti-Rootkit, Web Shield, Security Toolbar and Firewall protection components.
  • AVG Anti-spyware was a rebranded version of ewido Anti-Spyware, that was integrated into AVG Anti-Virus as of version 8.0. A free version was also available, having now been merged into AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition
  • AVG Anti-Rootkit was a free anti-Rootkit program that was discontinued as of late 2006. Like AVG Anti-Spyware, it has now been merged into AVG Anti-Virus
  • AVGADMIN is a remote administration tool, which allows the software to be managed centrally on networks.
  • AVG Anti-Virus provides the Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, LinkScanner, Anti-Rootkit, Web Shield, and Security Toolbar protection components.
  • AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition provides basic Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware protection, plus the full AVG LinkScanner safe search and surf technology.

Why You May Need to Remove or Uninstall AVG Internet Security or AVG Antivirus

The security software marketplace of today is highly competitive. Every vendor strives hard to make its security software feature rich, easy to perform yet effective. And this opens lots of choices for the users.

We often come across people who want to change their security software for one reason or the other. And when they try to change that, they have to first uninstall or delete their old security software and then only the new software is allowed to get installed.

Sometimes, during the installation, if the system crashes or the installation fails, you might have to resort to uninstall or remove the old installation.

How to Remove or Uninstall AVG Internet Security or AVG Antivirus

In an earlier post on this blog, we have reviewed a nice little utility called AVG Uninstaller. But there is yet another freeware Antivirus remover tool, which does the task of removing security software and antivirus extremely well.

We are talking about AppRemover. AppRemover™ is a software application, developed by OPSWAT, Inc., that enables the uninstallation of security applications such as antivirus and antispyware from your computer.

Head on to our review of Appremover by clicking on the link given below.

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