The Need to Clear, Erase or Remove Private Data Stored in Web Browsers

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Web Browsers are your gateway to the Internet. They provide you a channel to access the vast amount in information scattered on Internet. But at the same time, they are also the gateway for the outside world of malware distributors and spammers to access your computer.

To make your web browsing easier, faster and more efficient, today’s web browsers store lots of private information deep within their files. They are in the encrypted form and often it is difficult to access it directly. But malware infections are able to detect that, decode that and send it to their master sitting at a remote place.

Once your private and sensitive data is in their acquisition, it can always be mis0used against you.

So, it is important to strike a balance between your convenience and your privacy and security. You need to ensure clearing and erasing private data from Web browsers regularly.

How to Clear, Erase or Remove Browser Private Data

Almost all the web browsers have the option to clear the browser data. You have to navigate different options given in their menu to find the exact steps you have to take to clear all the private and sensitive data.

However, if you are a lazy guy like me, and want to do it from the comfort of a single application, then you can use WIPE. WIPE is a free, easy to use and powerful security tool that allows you to protect your privacy by clearing browser history and cache, cleaning index.dat files, securely removing cookies, safely deleting autocomplete history and temporary internet files and erasing any other tracks that you leave behind after having used your pc. Only the evidence of your activities, which is recorded and stored by your computer without your permission, is erased – no user documents are deleted!

Program contains impressive tracks preview list that instantly calculates and shows you amount of tracks and garbage files located on your PC. You can see which information your PC collected about your activity without your permission. With one click you can clear such tracks. Several anti-recovery methods supported to make sure nobody will be able to restore deleted data.

Tip: Not Only Browser Data, Wipe is capable of removing your private and sensitive data from other places in your computer as well.

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